Content marketing is the major SEO trend of 2014. If you’ve taken on the content efforts for your public relations business, here are four tips that will help you succeed:

  • Stick to a schedule – Without a schedule, readers and prospective clients can come to see your blog and brand as sporadic and unreliable. If you take content marketing seriously, create a monthly or weekly schedule and stick to it.

  • Identify your target audience – Your content needs to be on target within your niche, but also within your target audience. Write for a specific reader so that every piece of content has a purpose.

  • Dont forget promotions — In public relations, your life is promotions. So don’t forget to do the same for your content marketing efforts! Network with your clients and on social media platforms to get your post out there.

  • Make it useful — If at all possible, teach your readers how to do something. This will go far in creating trust and establishing your expertise.

Every public relations business will have its own style — what matters is that you get out there and show your style through your company blog and social media platforms. If you aren’t out on the web listening and engaging, you won’t be bringing in enough customers to stay in business.

What content marketing tips have you used to bring your marketing to the next level?



By: Sarah Greesonbach @awyeahsarah

Sarah GreesonbachSarah Greesonbach is a digital strategist and social media consultant based in Richmond, VA. She’s been a high school teacher, a government contractor, and an ad agency content expert, but her favorite of all is a writer on all things marketing, social media, and technology. She is working towards the ultimate goal of making the internet a prettier and more grammatically correct place, one word at a time.