Everyone who really knows me, knows I’m drinker. You can shake it, stir it, as long as you serve it, I’m there.

If you’re also close to me like that, you may also know Mandy Candy, she’s my drunken alter ego, likely the girl tootsie rolling on the bar….she can also be a loud, obnoxious short tempered bitch. And while she is me and I am her, it’s just not cute anymore. I’m 28 now and I’m trying to serve Solange carefree black girl real ness and Mandy just couldn’t sit with us…but ya girl Amanda still needs her drinks, ok!

So I set out to change the way I drink and the way other people drink too. I also wanted to ensure that I was going to invest my time and energy into something it would be a catalyst to create the life I see myself in….full time globe trotting and drink spotting.  ::two snaps and a circle::


Alchomy was born.

Alchomy is a cocktail recipe and bar locator app.

If you’re looking to stay in for the night Alchomy enables you to access over 20,000 drink recipes. If you’re looking to hit the town, our bar locator feature shows you the closest venues to you any where in the world.

Users can share their own drink recipes as well as drinks they’ve purchased (along with the bartender who made them and the rating they gave them) on our community feed supported by fellow enthusiasts and mixologists all over the world. The app even helps you call a cab when you’ve had one to many or simply need a ride from point a to point b.


And this is just phase 1….lots more appy goodness coming in phase two over the next few months.

I hope that Alchomy not only becomes promotional tool for the spirits industry but a mobile and online community and a tool for people to enhance their drinking experiences. To me, It’s not just about slugging them down anymore but more so about making memories with amazing people and celebrating life’s special moments accordingly over just the right drink.

With that….I hope you all sign up to be notified of our launch at http:://AlchomyApp.com !

We’re shooting for a mid summer launch but we’ll play it by ear. I’ll keep you posted and thanks in advance for your support.



Formerly known as Mandy Candy

BKA Alchomy’s Chief Spirit Chaser in Charge